Grilled Chicken with Kale and Green Garlic

Make your grilled chicken dinner even more delicious with this green garlic and kale recipe.


3 pieces of 6 oz chicken breast

6 cups of fresh kale

1 cup of fresh green garlic cut into 1 inch pieces

1 cup of chicken or vegetable broth

2 tbs of olive oil

salt and pepper, paprika, and red pepper flakes for seasoning



Season the chicken with salt, pepper, and paprika, and grill the chicken on a grill pan each side for a few minutes, make sure that it is cooked all the way through  (don’t overcook and make sure that it is juicy and soft not dry)


Saute green garlic with one spoon of oil olive for 5 minutes and add another spoon of olive oil, add kale and cook for 5 minutes, add chicken broth, and red pepper flakes (add more if you like it spicy hot)


Serve the chicken on top of the kale and green garlic mix

It’s delicious and healthy! Enjoy!