My Story

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I am very fortunate to be living the life that I have now. Beyond my wildest dreams I never thought I would be doing the things that I am doing with my career. My ability to stay strong and persevere during turbulent times has allowed me to stay on a path towards happiness and success. This journey was not an easy one and to this day I still continue to overcome many obstacles. To understand my work ethic and me you have to go back to where it all started: my humble beginnings in the hills of southern Poland.

I was raised in a small village and spent most of my early years working hard on the family farm. Our house was on top of a hill and overlooked a beautiful landscape of mountains and forests. We had a stable full of animals like chickens, pigs, and horses. My daily routine began everyday at the crack of dawn when it was my job to feed the animals and prepare food for the family. Our home was a wooden bungalow with no running water and an outhouse. The original roof was first made from straw and later covered with tile after many years of neglect. Looking at this setting one would think they are living in the 1800’s or taking part of some historical movie.

My first blessing came after my marriage when I gave birth to my son. While my marriage didn’t last long it allowed me to focus all my energy into raising my child and continuing on living a healthy and harmonious life. During those times I spent many years traveling around Poland with my child looking for a place we could call home. Our prayers were soon answered, as we were able to emigrate to American where I joined my parents who were anxiously waiting for our arrival. After spending two years in Connecticut we moved to New Jersey where I soon became more independent and determined towards reaching the “American Dream”.

While I was an excellent student in Poland nothing could prepare me for the harsh reality of living in a country like America and not knowing the language or local customs. It took me many years to become comfortable enough to have conversations with people and even to think about pursuing a degree at a university. Through my hard work I was able to attend Seton Hall University and graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Finance. This was an amazing accomplishment and it gave me the confidence I needed to push myself further towards the pursuit for a better life for my son and me.


My life soon went on a fast track as I secured a great job at a bank in New York City. I also was able to purchase my own home and settle down in a nice neighborhood. Things were going well until the financial recession hit and changed my life forever. I, along with thousands of others were laid off from work and soon found myself struggling to get by. The bills were piling up and I could see the clouds overheard were forming into a dark storm. Right there and then I decided I needed to change my life. Instead of just pursuing a paycheck I would get involved with pursuing a healthy lifestyle not only for myself but also helping others to get one as well.

My start in the fitness industry was an amazing one. It totally changed me as a person both physically and mentally. I started working out on a daily basis and ditched my regular diet of fast food and fatty meals. My new body gave me tons of energy and the confidence I needed to approach others about my new transformation. After going back to school I completed a Masters degree in Exercise Science from Montclair State University and decided to open my own fitness studio. I was really excited about my new career and was anxious to share all my workout and wellness techniques with the world.

Since then I have never looked back. These days I find myself managing my own fitness studio where over the past 3 years I have been able to change the lives of hundreds of people. My community looks up to me for fitness and nutrition guidance and I am more than happy to share it with them. To reach a wider audience I created this website so everyone in the world can know the power of working out and eating right. Kettlebell Country Girl is more than a website, it’s a lifestyle and diary of my commitment to make people’s lives better. I welcome you to my world and hope that through my posts and writings I will be able to provide the motivation, confidence, and power you need to succeed and live a healthy life.