Berry, Nut, and Quinoa Breakfast

If you are tired of having the same cereal every morning then try this amazing quinoa recipe to brighten up your breakfast.


1/2 cup of rinsed and drained three-color quinoa

1/2 cup of water

1/2 cup of your choice milk

dash of salt, cinnamon, and vanilla

1/2 cup of mix berries

1/4 cup of cut almonds



In a small saucepan combine the quinoa with water and milk, dash of salt, cinnamon, and vanilla. Bring to a boil and simmer, cover for 15 minutes. When cooked remove from the stove and let it cool for another 5 minutes.


Serve topped with your choice of berries. I chose to mix blueberries and strawberries and 1/4 of slivered toasted almonds. You can also drizzle it with honey or maple syrup to add a little sweetness to it.

Delicious and healthy! Enjoy!