Best Exercise for a Strong Core -The Get Up!

Being in great shape isn’t just about how much weight you can lift, or having a rock-solid stomach, or strong heart. You should be able to complete 5 repetitions of this exercise to test your body for strength and dynamic core stability. Perform this exercise regularly and teach your body and every muscle to work together to stabilize your spine. This will make you stronger in daily activities you do. Your abs are going to be strong like never before! For best results perform 1-2 rounds 3 times a week with 5 repetitions of each side. Let’s do this!

Lie on your back with your legs straight. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand (try first with empty fist, get comfortable and then add weights). Your arm is positioned straight above your chest.

Keeping your eyes on the dumbbell all the time and helping yourself with your left arm, push off the floor up and sit up.

Move your body to a side plank while holding your body on your left leg (your leg is bent).

Shift your body weight to your left leg and move your right leg to a kneeling position.

Move your left leg to a kneeling position with your torso upright and your right arm out.

Push yourself off the floor to a full stand up, while keeping your arm straight and the dumbbell above you at all times. Once standing, reverse the movement to return to the starting position.

Get back on your left knee (while holding your gaze and your arm up all the time).

Shift your weight to your left while supporting yourself on your left arm. Back to sip up position.

Lie down (face up) with your leg straight still holding your arm with your dumbbell above and your eyes on the dumbbell; repeat each side 5 times.