Cheese & Wine Spread

Every Saturday afternoon at our studio I host a fitness dance event where our members can workout to amazing music and try out some wonderful wine and cheese spreads afterwards.  This time I put together a combination of different ingredients to really have a variety of tastes and flavors.


5 Year Aged Sharp Cheddar from Kings Own Products

2 Year Aged Cheddar from Kings Own Products

Norwegian Jarlsberg Light Cheese

Swiss Kaltbach Le Cremeux

Cream Cheese (soft)

Mini Artisan Crackers

Pecan Raisin Bread

Multigrain Baguette

Variety of Grapes

Turkish Dry Apricots


Mix of Nuts


1st Combo: Baguette with cheddar, pear, pecans, and raisins.

2nd Combo: Pecan raisin bread with Jarlsberg, apricot with touch of blackberry jam and walnut.

3rd combo: Artisan crackers with cream cheese, cheddar, sliced grapes, and almonds.

This is a perfect spread for a fancy get together or a holiday party! Which one is your favorite?