Exploring the Delaware Water Gap

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Last weekend I had the great opportunity to go hiking along the Delaware Water Gap along the New Jersey side.  This was an amazing 11 mile hike filled with great views and fresh air.

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We first started off along the Dunnfield Creek trail passing by some waterfalls and small creeks.  Along the trail we went on until we reached Sunfish Pond Fire Road.


Midway we stopped to have lunch along the rocky perch right above Sunfish Pond.  This was a great place to check out the surrounding views and a great opportunity to get to know the other hikers.

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On our way we went intersecting with the Beulahland Trail until we reached Old Mine Road.  Here the views of the Delaware River were stunning and we took a short break to check out the wildlife and small critters running around.

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After a mile we went on the Karamac Trail and made our way back to the beginning of our journey.  It was a full day of hiking under the sun.  An inspirational walk full of sightseeing and beauty in a wonderful park.

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If you are interested in taking hikes like these check out the Appalachian Mountain Club http://www.outdoors.org/

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