5 Balance Exercises – Fall Prevention

As we get older our bodies tend to lose some of its energy and strength.  One side effect of this is our ability to control our balance.  This may lead us to struggling with walking and sometimes even causing injury to ourselves.  At Wellness Studio M I always add balance exercise to my workout routines.  While these sometimes may feel silly and unimportant, over time they will play a major role in our ability to move as we get older.     
Attached is a nice and easy balance workout (no equipment needed) that you can do at home. For best results do these exercises 3 times a week, 3 rounds with 10 repetition of each exercise. Get healthy and live better! Let’s do this!

1. Leg up and down with arms in U

2. Balance on one leg with triceps kickback

3. Side leg lift with side lateral arms rises

4. Back and forward

5. Heels and arms up and down

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