5 Balance Exercises for Anyone – Fall Prevention

A few years ago, when I open our studio for the first time in Summit NJ, I saw a lady outside walking, suddenly loosing balance and falling down on a curb of the side walk. There was blood everywhere but, luckily with a few minor bruises this lady (I learned later) was OK. Since then (having this image so vividly in front of my eyes) I add every single session some kind of balance exercises into our workout routine. This is nice and easy balance workout (no equipment needed). For best results do these exercises 3 times a week, 3 rounds with 10 repetition of each exercise. Get healthy and live better! Let’s do this!

1. Leg up and down with arms in U

2. Balance on one leg with triceps kickback

3. Side leg lift with side lateral arms rises

4. Back and forward

5. Heels and arms up and down

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