Juice Boost! For a Healthy Immune System

Start your day off with this life saving nutritious juice, add fresh ginger to boost the health benefits.  Ginger contains phenolic compounds that are known to help relieve gastrointestinal irritation, stimulate saliva and suppress gastric contractions.


This juice has all the ingredients to get your immune system strong again: calcium, magnesium, beta carotene, vitamin E, manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin K.



1 cup of kale

1 cup of apple

1/2 cup of parsley

1/2 cup of mint

1 tsp of ginger

1/2 lemon juice

1 orange

2 spoons of raw honey (if you like it a little bit sweater)


Put everything in a blender, top it off with water and add some ice.


Drink it in the morning to get your immune system ready for a full day.




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