Challenging Metabolic Conditioning Workout for Adults!

This is a great cardio intermediate level (metabolic conditioning) workout for anyone who is willing to work a little bit harder. You will need the following equipment: exercise mat, Bosu Ball, Jam slam ball, rope and lots of energy. Link where you can get the equipment attached below. For best results perform the entire workout 3 times with 45 seconds of each exercise. Remember to warm up and cool down. Link with the warm exercises and cool down stretches attached below. Let’s do this!


1. Bosu ball squat thrust.

2. Shuffle using sling shot hip circle band.

3. Plank with side walk and push up.

4. Over Bosu ball step or hop.

5. Rope slams.

6. Squat, flat get up to a full stand up.

7. Jam ball slams.

8. Plank with alternative side opening.

9. Balance and step or hop form side to side.

Warm Up Exercises

Cool Down and Stretch

Fitness equipment used in this workout:

1. Sling Shot Hip Circle

2. Bosu Balance Trainer

3. PB Extreme Jam-Ball

4. Yoga Mat

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