Sexy Legs Workout For Adults

This is a special request workout (all levels) for “Sexy and Strong Legs”. You will need the following equipment (links; where you can get the equipment, attached below): Stackable-Step, Exercise Ring, Stability Ball, and Mini Bands. For best results complete the entire workout (3 x week for at least 3 months). You will notice a big difference! Let’s do this!

1. Bend Forward (Hinge Exercise).

2. Single leg balance.

3. Step up.

4. Butt kick.

5. Hips opening.

6. Clamshell.

7. Legs curl.

8. Ring and squeeze.

9. Single leg elevated hips up.

Fitness equipment used in this workout: 1. Stackable – Step 2. Pilates-Ring-Pro 3. Stability-Ball 4. Mini Bands

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