Sandwiches for a Sunday Brunch

Last Sunday I had a few friends over to help me to organize some things and get ready to move into our new fitness studio. Suddenly someone asked what’s for lunch? For the past few days I’ve had this idea of making sandwiches with different toppings.  I used multigrain organic loaf bread and organic vegetables from Whole Foods. We served the sandwiches on platters with a cup of hot tea. I asked everybody which sandwiches they liked the most. Use this idea next time you have guests over and want to make lunch a little bit more fun.


1. Avocado, smoked salmon, cucumber and fresh dill.


2.Grilled chicken with sun-dried tomatoes and basil pesto.


3. Hard boiled egg with a smear of butter, radish, and some greens.


4. Fresh mozzarella with a touch of butter, tomatoes, and basil.


5. Goat cheese with toasted pecans, fresh thyme, and honey.


And the winner of the feast was the smoked salmon sandwich with avocado, cucumber, and dill.



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