Easter Sunday Brunch

This Easter weekend I celebrated the holidays by inviting my neighbors over for a wonderful brunch.  I improvised with a few ingredients and a couple recipes I have tried before.  In the end it all came together to a delicious afternoon.

We started the brunch off with a vegetable frittata served with a side of watercress salad.

Link to the recipe is here: http://www.kettlebellcountrygirl.com/whats-for-lunch/mothers-day-delicious-brunch/


Next, we served blueberry and ricotta pancakes served with a side of fresh mint and berry salad.

Recipe for the pancakes is here:http://www.kettlebellcountrygirl.com/eating-healthy/delicious-pancakes-with-ricotta-and-blueberries/



Lastly we served bran muffins with hot tea and mimosas.

Recipe for the bran muffins is here: http://www.kettlebellcountrygirl.com/delicious-desserts/the-best-ever-bran-raisins-and-orange-muffins/


Everything was delicious and we all had a great time enjoying our Sunday afternoon.